Upstander Projects

Doing good while also doing well in the world...


In our busy lives - with work, family, friends, and other "real life" commitments - it can feel nearly impossible to give time and energy to creating lasting, meaningful change in ways that are uniquely important to us.  

Do you want to stand up, give back, be involved in something that is "bigger than you", but don't yet know how that will manifest?  At Upstander Projects, we aim to help others harness the desire they have to do good, and turn it into reality.  

Our mission is to help people find the ways they love to do good in the world, and get them started in doing it.  What drives you?  Which stories and experiences have shaped your life?  What change in the world would you would like to see?  

Here's our deal: You start your own Upstander Project, by doing either a little or a lot. We'll provide resources and support. We help you align with like-minded organizations and individuals who are working on the causes you believe in.  

We know that we most fully thrive when we do things that are meaningful to us. We want to help you give back in whatever unique way speaks to you.

At Upstander Projects, we also proudly feature an array of accomplished people who, to us, epitomize "upstanding." We bring you stories about organizations that do amazing work in the world and need the support of like-minded people to move the whole planet forward. Read their interviews, watch the videos, and let us know what you think -- on our Medium, Facebook, and Youtube accounts.  

We love "being the change we want to see in the world" and we want to help you do the same!